Anthony is a modern Italian sofa. Its stylish design may be custom ordered to fit your home’s parameters, as well as your desired level of comfort. This modern Italian sofa is available in three possible covers – leather, fabric, or microfiber. Anthony’s feet are 5 centimeters in height and are made of wood with a pvc insert to provide additional sturdiness to its frame. The frame of this modern Italian sofa is also made of wood to give you a peace of mind that this sofa will serve you for many years to come.

Anthony – Modern Italian Sofa Specifications

Anthony’s padding is made of ecological polyurethane with high density. The cushions on this modern Italian sofa are not removable. However, you may customize Anthony’s covers and choose between highly rich leather, exquisite fabric, or unparalleled comfort provided via microfiber covers. For additional pleasure and customization we offer you the extra option of selecting the density level for your modern Italian sofa. Anthony is available in three levels of density – regular, firm, and extra firm. Further, you may request to add no sag pocket springs to the seat cushions to make certain that your modern Italian sofa is not only luxurious but will also last you for many years into the future.

Anthony comes with a dual power electric recliner mechanism with movement. Its soft touch technology synchronously opens the sitting, backrest, and footrest areas. Thus, giving you the perfect resting position after a long day at work. Furthermore, this beautiful modern Italian sofa is available in over 350 various colors helping Anthony fit seamlessly into your current home or office decor. Anthony’s options for customization offer a level of assurance that this sofa will be made exactly to your liking. And so, making you a proud owner of this spectacular modern Italian sofa. Contact us today for more information on Anthony or visit our showroom.