With is quirky design and modern Italian table look, the Butterfly will never go out of style. Handcrafted by the best Modern Italian craftsman out there, this table represents swiftness and luxury at its best. Originating from the butterfly, this modern Italian table stands on two twisted like legs. Its beautiful name comes from its soft look and is shown to represent grace. Whether it be friends or family, this table always gets views no matter where it is. Like a butterfly, this modern Italian table’s color can change infinitely. To further on its beautiful color patterns, this table can fit the needs of any customer. Whether you like dark colors or light colors, the modern Italian table “Butterfly” has all of it! The Butterfly’s unique structure and beautifully designed European style represent modern Italian tables on a whole other level.

Butterfly Specifications

This modern Italian table was named Butterfly for a reason, and that’s because of its colors. Ranging from dark to light colors, the modern Italian table has 4 different unique tabletop colors. Butterfly can come in tempered glass, porcelain, marble or even wood. When it comes to the legs, the table can come in a variety of different colors. Colors can range from dark brown, light brown, or even white.  With the butterfly coming in either metal or marble, we ask our customers, will it be extremely luxurious? Or Will it be strong and industrial? You decide. When it comes to fit, butterfly has three main choices. You can choose from rectangular tops to circular tops or even square-shaped tops. Either choice you go with, the modern Italian table design will never go away. When choosing the largest butterfly table size, managing family members is important! Butterfly’s unique modern Italian table design allows up to 12 people to fit into the table! Its unique shape and all out balanced legs will surely never go out of style, nor will they break easy.