Audrey is new is stylish and It’s exciting. It’s modern. And it is another beautiful design by Ego Italiano. Audrey is a great example of Ego Italiano’s versatility. This unusual Italian sectional sofa comes with an adjustable headrest. It allows you to pull up the headrest in different position in order to achieve the optimal comfort. Audrey generally comes in sections, but it may be ordered in various dimensions, such as an armchair or a 91 inch sofa. Audrey’s leather is exquisite. It is soft, creamy, and inviting. It is extremely smooth to the touch. While its cushions are calling you to take a seat to put all of your worries to the wayside. Audrey’s steel legs are extremely sturdy and can be order in Titanium finish as well or Brass, White, Dk. Grey. The structure of this Italian sectional sofa is made of highly durable materials that help Audrey keep you comfortable for many, many years to come.