Babouche is not your typical modern Italian sectional sofa. Its design is based on comfort, as well as its owner’s desire to stand out. Babouche may be ordered in pieces or as a beautiful sectional sofa. Additionally, each furniture piece may be ordered in an unconventional color with unique dimensions and in original style. This modern Italian sectional sofa is not meant to fit-in or seem ordinary. Even Babouche’s version of a loveseat may be ordered with a sliding out function for additional convenience. The sliding feature will only be on one side of the sofa. Babouche’s covers do not fall under a ‘one style suites all buyers’ description. In fact, you may order each section of the sofa in its own color and cover style. The available variations include leather and microfiber. Not to mention, the 300+ color variations for you to choose from.

Babouche – Modern Italian Sectional Sofa

Babouche may also be ordered with an ottoman in tow. And even the ottoman itself is available in different dimensions and colors. Some of the more practical aspects of this modern Italian sectional sofa is your ability to adjust the density level of its foam. When you place your order, you will be provided with three options to choose from – regular, firm, or extra firm. To further increase your modern Italian sectional sofa’s durability and longevity, be sure to request the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small addition to Babouche’s construction will improve each pieces durability.

To perfectly fit your needs and compliment your decor, Babouche may be ordered in sections. Each section may be ordered in its own distinctive dimension and style. Babouche’s soft leather covers will turn this modern Italian sectional sofa into everyone’s favorite seat in your home. Contact us today for more information on Babouche or visit our showroom to view all available modern Italian sectional sofa models.