Comfortable, stylish, and a 100% Italian armchair. You can never go wrong with Bea. Bea is luxurious and unique. Not only is Bea nice to look at, but it also has many unique and interesting features. This modern Italian armchair does it’s job neatly and comfortably. Bea does its job best when you enjoy it! So it’s best to say that Bea gives the consumer the many different features of a comfortable armchair. Not only is it unique in size, but this contemporary Italian armchair also fits all shapes and sizes.

Want to relax and enjoy the afternoon? Well this real Italain armchair will allow you to do just that. Although Bea might be small and simple, it’s features and eye-catching views go further in detail and forever expanding. This modern Italians armchair has a discrete yellow lining around the cushions. This is so it allows the customers to see how simple stripes can change the luxurious look fully. So by bringing modern Itlaian armchair looks to the furniture world, while adding a hint of luxury, we bring you Bea. 

Bea modern Italian armchair

The best way to understand Bea is by looking at its specifications and what it offers. This contemporary Italain armchair comes in a simple surreal colors. Bea comes in an all grey finish. We chose this color because it can fit perfectly blend with any other pieces. This modern Italian armchair gives off a comfortable modern Italian armchair vibe. Going in nicely with the grey color, we have a yellow stripe lining. This lining adds the effect of modernized furniture. 

This contemporary Italian armchair style sets out a new way when looking at modern classics. All materials are sewed together and made perfect to have a balanced look. All of these beautiful materials rest easily on a dark grey base. These base legs are made purposefully to withstand as much weight as it can handle. When combining luxury and comfortable and mixing it all together, you get Bea, a real 100% Italian armchair.