Big, bold, and beautiful, this modern Italian table comes with the complete package. Its sturdy design lives up to its name. Inspired by England, Big Ben illustrates elegance that never gets out of style. Looking at this table, it’s easy to see how powerful it is. Made from modern Italian wood, this table combines both English and Italian design. Made for big families, Big Ben fits all shapes and sizes. This contemporary modern Italian table can fit up to twelve people. Also Big Ben’s most interesting feature is its legs.

The tables look can fit into any room. Its wide structure and glass base create a balance that not other tables have. From wine spills to crumbs, this table never stains and is easy to clean. With traditional Italian craftsmanship at its finest, Big Ben never fails to represent strength in luxurious way. Its top is made thick to never snap or fall under pressure. This takes Italian contemporary table design to a whole new level. 

Big Ben Modern Italian Table Specifications

Big Ben captures all of the modern Italian table characteristics. While also adding in some flavor from England. Coming in a dark brown wood finish, this real wood Italian table will fill any contemporary need. The table top comes in a stylish soft edge rectangle shape. It will satisfy any customer needs and look great doing so. The wood top also mixes well with the glass legs. The glass legs might have a simple design, but that doesn’t stop them from doing their job.

This table not only looks good, but does its job better than the rest. Together, glass and wood combine perfectly to give you the best modern Italian design. In addition to good design, the function of this table unbeatable. Italian craftsmanship never fades away and this table is proof of that. Finally, by combining contemporary Italian design and English inspiration, we bring you Big Ben.