BIG ELISEO by Tonin Casa


24h Delivery 118Lx47W WOOD TOP

24h Delivery 118Lx47W PORCELAIN TOP

The Eliseo modern Italian table is something to behold. Its unique and wonderful style make it pleasing to the eye. This Modern Italian table most eye-catching piece are the metal legs that generate this pleasing pattern that will be sure to gravitate all attention. With modern Italian table design, something as simple as legs can be turned into a unique and beautiful pattern. The thin top creates this nice and sleek look that will never go out of style. The metal legs don’t take up room under the table so your legs will fit comfortably while the table retains its beauty.

The Eliseo represents modern Italian table luxury in a simple but stunning way that is sure to fit in any room. Any personality will fit with this table whether you want it in the living room or the dining room. The Eliseo will be sure to deliver on its promises to stun any guests that happen to look its way.

Big Eliseo Modern Italian Table Specifications

The Eliseo has a unique look and its metal legs are its prominent feature that come in many different forms. With the modern Italian double base table, you can decide which option to take. The beautifully thin top also comes in many shapes and sizes. You can choose from either a rectangle or an oval. This is so our customers can choose from an edgy look or a soft look.

With the double base you can choose from a rectangle or an oval, and each top will vary in size depending on how far apart you put the bases. This 100% Modern Italian table top also comes in tempered glass and brown coated wood. Every color and texture fits perfectly with the beautiful modern Italian table design. Eliseo also comes in a clear coating protection to prevent easy scratches and cracks.