This modern Itlian table is a perfect example of unique and flawless design. This 100% Italian dining table makes sure to look beautiful but not changing tits utility. Firenze takes modern Italian design and mixes it with a classic spiral illusion. This helps to create a functional table that is pleasing to the eye. The Firenze serves as a little twinkle that elevates the beauty of any room it is in. The design of the base is the Firenze’s main characteristic. Many people will find themselves staring at this table because of its pattern.Use that to benefit you and have this table light up your home. This modern Italian table will be a great addition to any home. It will mix with any style.

The spiral optical illusion mixed with modern italian design is a good combination. When mixed they form something stunning yet simple. One of the strengths of the Firenze is its ability to fit in virtually any room. This unique modern Italian design allows it to compliment anything in the room. In addition it works like a regular table. So you have looks and function. With this combination the table will be sure to suit every need. Whether you eat or work, this table will be sure to be there for you. Even if you have a large family, each of them will enjoy this modern Italian table. 

Big Firenze Modern Italian Table Specifications

The spiral base is the main focus of the table. With the combination of modern Italian design and geometric illusions. This table will become a popular piece in your home. The Firenze’s ability to fit in any room is powerful because of its design. The Firenze has two bases making it a big table, because of its beautiful modern Italian design it looks stunning in any setting. The Italian table can have smooth edges making it a nice looking oval. Either way the Firenze will complement any room and its spiral base goes with any of the features.

The top can also come in tempered glass for a clean stainless look or a porcelain stoneware top. The tops can also come in regular glass and Onyx Laminated Glass. If someone was interested in marble then Statuary Marble Effect and Porcelain StoneWare is the way to go. Not only does the spiral base complement any design. This modern Italian table also is available in solid walnut or solid dark oak. The Big Firenze table also comes in a clear coating protection to prevent easy scratches and cracks. If you are looking for a pretty pattern and good build. This table will be there to suit you and look great doing so.