With its traditional Italian modern table design, Gaya will definitely bring a luxurious feel to your dining room. Looking at its wavy structured leg design inspired by the ocean, we need customers to get the coolest features possible. There are different table top colors to go with. The mixture of both the base of the legs and the tabletop colors give the room a complex effect like no other table will. This modern Italian table will never go out of style, nor will it break easily. Even with its big structure, this table is all out well balanced.

This modern Italian table can fit anywhere you put it! We know that family is very important, so we would like to introduce the bigger version of Gaya based on customer request. With its big design, Gaya is able to fit up to almost 12 people. The modern Italian table also has smooth edges and perfect weight to weight distribution. Gaya, will not only support all of the beautiful dishes you put on it, but also prevent many unnecessary cut or damages!

Big Gaya Modern Italian Table Specifications

To better understand Big Gaya, we need to take a closer look at its specifications. Showing what the base offers, this modern Italian table comes in Matt Grey and Matt Roux to fit your liking! When it comes to tops, Gaya comes in Transparent Glass, Extra-Clear Transparent Glass, Transparent Fumé Glass, and Grey Laminated Glass. It does not matter which one you choose because they all go together well. It will fit in any room and brighten up your home. 

No matter the shape you go with, Gaya never seems to disappoint our customers and always brings a luxurious light into the dining room! Big Gaya a little too big? Then check out the smaller version of Gaya on our website! With the same based design and unique top and base color material, you could never go wrong with Gaya!