BLADE by Tonin Casa


24h Delivery 98Lx47W PORCELAIN TOP

If you are looking for a modern Italian table look, you’ll never go wrong with Blade. This contemporary Italian table is designed to fit all of your basic luxurious needs. Blade has a unique leg style and easy space around the corners. Anybody will be able to fit easily around the table. Blade can fit almost eight to twelve people. You can never go wrong with this classic modern Italian table. With the extendable version, Blade will be able to fit a lot more. Complete any look with this Italian contemporary table. That is the magic of this table. It will fit in any room and complete any look that you desire. Because it can complete any look, it can be any table you want. Put it in the dining or living room and it will look great both ways.

Its unique Italian design allows it to fit into almost any home area. If the area is dark, this table can surely fill in a light into the room. Its Italian modern table look also comes from its Italian background. Most of the Italian families have a lot of family members. Its big top and sturdy legs can support any number of guests and family members. This modern Italian table can fit a lot of people comfortably. Arpa is unique and resilient and will definitely never go out of style! The air in the room will fly freely through the oval legs. It will leave the room feeling soft and comfortable. 

Blade Modern Italian Table Specifications

To better understand Blade’s modern Italian table design, Blade’s rare structure will show how beautiful and luxurious this table really is. Blade comes in three materials and each fit however you desire. These materials include tempered glass, ceramic and marble tops. This modern Italian table also has a clear coating solution. Which means that it is very hard to scratch or damage it. This shows customers that Blade can last for years to come. Not only will this table last long, but it will remain stunning all the time. Because of this you can rely on this modern Italian table. With good options and a reliable build this table will serve you well. 

Each modern Italian material comes with sturdy wooden legs to hold the top. These wooden legs can come in two colors which include Canaletto walnut and heat-treated dark oak. Blade also comes in an version which can both fit and comfort more people in the dining area. Because of its four legs it can safely fit anywhere. Not only can it fit anywhere, but it looks good doing its job. This table perfectly represents modern Italian tables. Great looking and does the job.  Blade’s extendable version is easy to use. It is crafted by the best modern Italian table craftsman. So if you are looking for an all around great dining table. Then this table is for you.