Sharp and cutting edge, we bring you the modern Italian table Bob. This contemporary Italian table is unique and luxurious and will fit anybody’s needs. From it’s cutting edge base legs to its hard wooden top, this 100% Italian table will catch the consumers’ eyes. Bob’s base legs are sharp and thin, but can withstand large amounts of weight. This modern Italian table can fit anybody. Whether you have dinner or relax with a good book this table will provide you with everything. It will provide comfort while never going out of style.

The modern Italian table is just the right size and fits up to twelve people. Its rectangular shape is luxurious and sturdy. Bring home that contemporary Italian table design to your house. Its bright color and unique style will brighten up your living room. It’s form and function is easy and simple, to give you the best modern Italian table design. Made by the best Italian craftsman, this contemporary Italian table is all around balanced and will fit on to any surface.

Bob Modern Italian dining table specifications

This modern Italian table comes with many cool features and the best modern Italian materials. Bob comes in a clean light brown wood finish. The color will be sure to bright up your house, while always looking fantastic. Also, this design is created with real wood Italian table. Bobs base legs come in a dark grey color. Paired up with the bright top wood finish, it gives off a beautiful Italian contemporary design. Bob is a 100% modern Italian table, which makes it reliable and clean. 

Not to mention, Bob’s base legs are built narrowly to fit the middle. This is so that many people can fit around the table and enjoy that modern Italian table design. With plenty of leg space and room this table can do no wrong. The table comes in a sleek top which is smooth and feels good to touch. Any item will look good sitting on this table. This modern Italian table also comes in a clear top coating which prevents it from any scratches or damages. All together with these unique and beautiful features, we bring you the contemporary Italian table Bob.