This modern Italian table is set out to be big and beautiful. Which is why it is the right fit for everybody. Calliope has a big base that fits its top.  Of course it is fittingly smaller to fit in any living room. Calliope is made to resemble a work of technology. This technology is like as an aircraft. It has a wide body, smooth edges, and stable core. This modern dining table is beautiful in a sturdy way. Not only does Calliope come in an extendable version, but it also comes in eight colors. This modern Italian table design is unforgettable. Its simple yet unique structure stays true to Italian design.

Its wide body and outstanding is eye catching to customers. Calliope focuses on fitting everybody in the family. Calliope is based on a modern Italian tradition and focuses on fitting almost eight to twelve people. All your family members and guests will love this table and its looks. Stable and well balanced, you surely cannot go wrong with this modern Italian table. This table stays true to its core about being 100% Italian dining table. It gives off a contemporary feel that can light up any room. If you want to enjoy a real Italian dining table, then this table is perfect for you.

Calliope Modern Italian Table Specifications

Calliope offers many Italian designs and colors. Because of Calliope’s big design, we decided to show eight beautiful colors. Calliope’s top colors include Extra-Clear White Glass, Extra-Clear Beige Glass, Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Statuary Marble, Onyx Grey and Portoro. Going together with these beautiful top colors, we’ve introduced 3 unique base colors. Colors include White, Carbon Grey, and Stone Bronze. The base has this unique X like structure, as a result this table will fit on any surface and in any room. Because of its sturdy top any item on the table will suit the look. Not only will this table look good and fit anywhere, but it does its job well.

Our number one goal is to keep our customers pleased. Which is why there are so many different choices! This modern Italian table comes in two different versions. Calliope comes in a regular fixed version and an extendable version. This is to make sure everybody can fit in Calliope and enjoy. Calliope mixes luxury and modern Italian looks like no other table. This structure will be sure to not only last but still look good. Whether you are working or enjoying a cup of coffee this table will suit your needs. All modern Italian tables mix form and function into a beautiful piece. You will always find yourself looking at this Italian piece.