Calypso is an Italian handmade leather sofa. Its design, developed by Estro Milano, is elegant and stylish. This Italian leather sofa begs to be caressed. Its fine grain leather feels smooth to the touch and relaxing during lounging. The sofa’s cushions and headrest hug you. The adjustable headrest is like a bedroom pillow for you to enjoy and relax upon. Calypso comes with an optional power recliner, or Dual power recliners which is made to give you the type of rest that will have you canceling your evening plans just so that you can enjoy its comfort. The leather covers of this elegant sofa come in over one hundred different colors. Meanwhile, its dimensions range from 68 inches to 150 inches. Calypso is extremely customizable. Thus, giving you the ability to dictate the level of comfort and style of your Italian leather sofa.