CAPRI by Tonin Casa


24h Delivery Black Base/Black Marble/Glass Top

Extraordinary elegance and pleasing shapes take this modern Italian table to new heights. Made with a contemporary Italian table vibe and enhanced with a simple, but unique design. Its top is supported by metal legs that represent Italian beauty. It fits confidently in any stylish setting because of its ability to function as a proper table. The modern Italian table complement the beauty in any room that it happens to be in. The Capri combines form and function with its sturdy yet gorgeous top. the Capri has sound metal leg structure that is pleasing to the eye. Because of its small stature its pleasing structure stands out more.

The base is the main focus of this modern Italian table. So if you are looking for an eye catching yet subtle design then this table is for you. Whether its coffee in the morning or a conversation with a friend. This table will not only serve its purpose, but be stunning doing so. While being stunning this table can serve as many things. Even if you want this table as a fashion piece, it will do that too. Establish a sophisticated setting with this beautiful piece and have your guests leave the house thinking about your Capri. The circular shape of the base helps to create a soothing tone in any room. Lighten up your home with this 100% Italian dining table.

Capri Modern Italian Table Specifications

Italians have always been the best at making everything look gorgeous. Whether its cars, furniture, or houses, you can always trust the Italians intuitive design skills. The Capri table is no exception, you can choose a unique tempered glass. This top serves its purpose in both beauty and functionality. This Italian contemporary table uses glass for its stainless beauty. While being functional the top provides a generic glass look. This modern Italian table can adapt to any surrounding you put it in. Glass is a very beautiful material, which is why we provide the strongest glass for Capri.

Going along with the 100% Italian dining table, we have the base. Two beautiful joint rings made out of pure metal. The base is a nice grey color that slides into any interior. To show strong balance and robust support, the two rings sit on a marble like circular structure. We chose circular shape platforms so that it balances well. Also, provides a beautiful contemporary Italian table design. With the combination of the base and the top, its beauty and use know no limits. This table will always fit anywhere and be a fine addition to any home.