CECILIA by Egoitaliano

Cecilia is a high-quality modern Italian bed. Its unique design is conjured up by Ego Italiano. This model comes in either a standard stationary design or it may be ordered with a bed. The model that comes with a bed offers an array of high grade mattresses to choose from. This highly sought after modern Italian bed is crafted with a balance of elegance and comfort. Its optional contrast stitching and two tones trim, when available, compliments its fine leather upholstery. Cecilia is made to bring comfort and add an edge of luxury to its surrounding decor.


Cecilia – Modern Italian Bed Specifications

Cecilia is available in over 350 color variations to choose from. Moreover, it comes in six grades of leather. This modern Italian bed has multiple sizes and configurations available to help it fit into the dimensions of its new surroundings. The combination of these features assures that Cecilia will fit seamlessly into your home. The picture that Cecilia paints is one of comfort, luxury, and elegance. This modern Italian sofa is made to last and its craftsmen made sure to only use high-quality materials during its creation.

The structure of this modern Italian bed focuses on stability and longevity. The interior of Cecilia may be further customized by changing the density level of its high resilience foam. At the moment, the available options for density levels include regular, firm, or extra firm. Cecilia may also be requested with a no sag pocket springs construction to the seat cushions. With such a construction, the comfort level, as well as the longevity of this gorgeous modern Italian bed will naturally be increased. Ego Italiano’s design focuses on providing the ultimate luxury for the owner of this spectacular piece of furniture. Do not wait! Contact us today to discuss the available customization options for this modern Italian bed.