Sturdy and unforgettable, this modern Italian table is definitely the right fit for you. Looking at this table, it’s easy to see that it shows power. This modern Italian table shows strength in a luxurious way. Celtis comes in two unique base colors which fit with each other. The modern Italian tables most eye-catching feature is the base legs which hold all of the magic. Its base leg structure is made to withstand any of the hits it takes. Made for big families, Celtis can fit eight to twelve people. A true modern Italian table is good looking and does the job. Celtis wiill brighten up any room. Finally Celtis is based of off its roots, a 100% Italian dining table.

This contemporary Italian table takes modern looks and combines them with function. It has Italian design and a modern look so you know that it is able to look good anywhere. Its thin stature combined with its sturdy base creates balance. Whether it be food or spills, this modern Italian table will never scratch or crumble. With traditional craftsmanship at its finest, Celtis never seems to fail at representing strength in a dominant way. This modern Italian table shows off beauty and also gives off the edgy feeling of today’s luxury world. This takes Italian contemporary table looks to another level. Anybody can use this table because it suits any style choice. 

Celtis Modern Italian Table Specifications

Although Celtis’s visual look might seem simple. It’s important to know everything that goes with it. This modern Italian table comes in four tabletop colors. Colors include White marble finish, Chocolate brown, Dark oak, and light brown wood. All these colors come in varieties to fit the customers needs. Table top and base colors match nicely. Whatever style you decide to go with, this modern Italian table will do its job. Its legs are thin and have flat edges. Because of this the table is firm and sturdy. With four thin legs the table always makes the room look bigger. You will always feel like you have extra space. All these combinations create a 100% Italian dining table. While fitting into any other style.

Celtis’s base colors also have a positive effect on the visual look. Base colors include Carbon Grey and Gold. Altogether, these colors combine to give you the best possible modern Italian table design. When finding your perfect fit, Celtis comes in rectangular-oval like shape. Celtis also comes in a rectangular shape, and a wavy-like rectangular shape. Combining Italian design and modern Italian table design, you can never go wrong with Celtis. Celtis also comes in a clear coating protection to prevent easy scratches and cracks. Take home the Celtis today, you wont regret it.