With special patterns and interesting features, Futon brings that leather classic contemporary Italian bed frame look into your household. Its fine finish and amazing looks bring that special modern Italian vibe into your household to give the best effect possible. It comes in a unique colors which comes with that 100% real Leather. This frame is special because of its many features. Reliable, durable, and sturdy are just some of them! The contemporary Italian bed frame is made to hold its special value, while still being reliable. You can never go wrong with Futon and it’s classic modern Italian bed frame looks!

This frame comes in many sizes and can withstand a lot of weight! Any type of activity you think of doing on this bed, the bed frame will not crack easy! Coming in that special color means that it can blend easily with anything. Weather it be your furniture or even clothes, this bed will bring you that classical modern Italian feel. Add all of these materials add up together to create a special effect. It will add a natural and Italian love to your bedroom with its natural 100% Italian wood and special feel.

Modern Italian Bedroom Frame

Futon offers many features, and it’s important to note what they are! It comes in a special color finish. The color it comes in is like a snowy white winter of Italy, so we bring you a creamy white. This color also blends in easily with surrounding furniture and is made special to give you that contemporary Italian look. Being all white, this rest easily both for the mattress, and it’s pleasing to the eye. It’s best to note that this bed frame is a beautiful finish to your bedroom and worth it!

Each top board cover connect together with a special material. A good looking square like pattern goes over the entire back board. This is so you get that modern Italian bedroom feel. All of these materials are natural and won’t break easily under pressure. This bed frame has 100% real wood Italian materials, so this contemporary Italian bedroom classic will not breakdown easily anytime soon!