Diablo is an exquisite handmade Italian leather sofa. Its style is simply impeccable. Diablo was made to conquer your heart from the moment you see it to the moment you descend into its lofty leather cushions. This Italian leather sofa makes you feel as though no worry of the day will ever take away your peace of mind. Its optional recliner will make you forget any nuisance that you experienced during the day. Diablo’s headrest will provide you with clarity and help bring you into the present moment. This Italian leather sofa gets built with an exceptional attention to detail. The craftsmanship is second-to-none and every stitch is a work of art. Its dimensions vary, depending on the model you select for your beautiful home. Diablo also comes in a number of color combinations to perfectly compliment your current decor.

Diablo – Italian Leather Sofa

The craftsmen paid extra attention to detail when designing Diablo. They made sure to make this Italian leather sofa not only an eye candy, but one of the most comfortable sofas on the market. Furthermore, they left room for you to customize your Italian leather sofa to your liking. For example, when you order Diablo you will be provided with the option to change the sofa’s firmness. You will have three options available to you: regular, firm, and extra firm. Your selection will assist in making sure that you are matched with your ideal sofa. Additionally, you have the capability to increase Diablo’s durability by requesting that it comes with the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. This minor adjustment will prolong the sofa’s longevity and durability.

Diablo is gracious and elegant. Its beauty will only add to your allure as the best host around. This Italian leather sofa can be yours today! Don’t miss your chance to take Diablo home. Contact us today for more information on Diablo or visit our showroom to view more of our Italian leather sofa models.