Perfectly built to fit your every need, we bring you the modern Italian table classic Dolly. It is petite and is made for small table lovers.The Dolly has a contemporary Italian design that fits anybody’s needs. Dolly is a small table,yet it has a very special structure. With this structure it has good balance and can fit anywhere. This modern Italian table is built to fit everybody in an interesting way. This modern Italian table is a round shape which means it’s easy to fit as much as eight people. This table will take up little space, but leave a big impression.

Dolly’s all round structure shows just how petite and reliable and table can be and still look great. Dolly can be put anywhere in the house and still resemble that powerful contemporary Italian design. This luxurious furniture is also 100% real wood Italian table, which means its reliable and unforgettable. Dolly is an Italian modern table to go with and will always bring that eye-catching vibe to your living room. This table will not only look great, but function to its best ability. While you relax this table will look great and never go out of style. 

Dolly Modern Italian dining table specifications

Dolly’s specifications are quite simple, but unique in their design. Looking at table top covers, Dolly comes in a special variety. Dolly comes in a black marble top with wood barriers, which gives off a more darker modern Italian look. The modern Italian tables base has a dark hour-glass like shape sitting on a wooden barrier. When looking at the more lighter option, it has it’s special look. Each option looks great wherever you put it. The colors and marble represent true Italian design. It truly is a 100% Italian dining table.

The top comes in a light sun-like marble top with a black barrier to give it a more elegant vibe. The contemporary Italian table look comes in a dark brown hour-glass like barrier. All of these different options all live up to the value of being a 100% modern Italian table. It has a small stature, but such a big personality. It will fit anywhere in your house and serve its purpose. While being petite and looking great this table will leave guests stunned.  Not to mention, Dolly comes in a clear coating base top to avoid any scratches or visible damages!