Edith is a spectacular modern Italian sectional sofa. Handmade in Italy, Edith was designed by Estro Milano. Its design is synonymous with elegance and style. From its feet to its power recliner, added by request, this modern Italian sectional sofa is a beautiful compliment to any home’s decor. Edith’s dimensions may be customized to better suit your home. Even its width may be adjusted to make certain that you come home to the perfect sofa you always dreamed about. Regardless of the model you select, Edith’s soft leather will be there to welcome you after a long day away from home. The rich leather of this modern Italian sectional sofa is enough to make you not want to move once you find your comfy spot. Furthermore, you may order Edith in one of its 350 color variations.

Edith – Modern Italian Sectional Sofa

Edith’s design is flexible and offers additional features that may be selected based on your personal preference. This modern Italian sectional sofa is made to the owner. Estro Milano made sure that not only was their design unique, but also the feel and the durability of each sofa as well. One of the most important features that you are able to customize on your model is the density level of the sofa’s foam. When you place your order, you will be provided with three options to choose from – regular, firm, or extra firm. Not to mention, you may further increase your modern Italian sectional sofa’s durability and longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small addition to Edith’s structure will help increase the sofa’s durability.

Edith comes in a number of different styles, colors and dimensions to perfectly compliment your living space and decor. Additionally, you may request your model to come with an optional power recliner. Contact us today for more information on Edith or visit our showroom to view more of our modern Italian sectional sofa models.