Emy is a perfect example of high quality Italian craftsmanship. This high end Italian leather sofa was handmade in Italy and designed by Estro Milano. The company’s design for this sofa is elegant and practical at the same time. Emy sits on steel legs to compliment its modern look. However, once you touch the leather on this sofa, you begin to understand how much detail, precision, and high quality material went into crafting this beautiful piece of Italian furniture. Its comfort merely begins at the leather, but it does not stop there. Emy comes with an optional dual power recliner that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with each day. The model may also be selected in more than one style. The measurements for it also vary. You may select it as a full size sofa or as an armchair. Additionally, Emy comes in over 350 color variations.

Emy – High End Italian Leather Sofa

Emy’s design is not only esthetically pleasing, but also pleasantly functional. One of the best offerings of this high end Italian leather sofa is your ability to customize its foam’s firmness. When placing your order, you will be presented with three options to choose from – regular, firm, or extra firm. Not to mention, you may further increase your high end Italian leather sofa’s durability and longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small addition to Emy’s structure will help increase the sofa’s durability and extend its life in top form.

Emy’s versatility is exemplified in the numerous options you are presented with. From your ability to select the sofa’s colors to its dimensions, and all the way to the firmness of its foam, Estro Milano does all it can to make sure that your sofa is exactly as you want it to be. Not to mention, Emy comes with an optional duel power recliner. Contact us today for more information on Emy or visit our showroom to view more of our high end Italian leather sofas.