FELICITY by Egoitaliano

This modern Italian armchair is petite and just the right size. We would like to bring you, Felicity. Felicity does its function best when enjoying a nice comfortable sit. This is a modern Italian armchair classic and will never go out of style. Being popular, Felicity is always compared to other armchairs. It always manages to beat other competitors. This chair is made to follow the contemporary Italian armchair design and luckily it does! This chair is a mix of comfortability and luxurious modern Italian design. This armchair will never go out of style. You can sit and enjoy whatever you want while relaxing with Felicity. Whether you are watching television or reading a book, this chair will do its job well. This chair will give you peace and quiet after a hard working day. This chair truly is a 100% modern Italian armchair.

The color that we chose for this modern Italian armchair classic can go way further than how it looks. Felicity is a perfect mix of grey and black to give you the best possible look there is! Felicity can withstand a lot of weight and will never break or damage easily. This real 100% Italian armchair is reliable and relaxing, so you know you’re getting the best possible features. With coziness, support, and good looks nothing can beat this contemporary Italian armchair classic. Felicity also has soft fabric that feels smooth to touch. This chair will go well with any of the furniture in your house. While you relax and settle down this chair is always there for you. 

Felicity Modern Italian armchair

Looking at what Felicity offers and researching it? Well no worries! We got that covered for you. This modern Italian armchair classic comes with the best possible Italian furniture finishes. This armchair is a 100% real Italian wood. The interior has the best type wood so you know it’s structure is strong a sturdy. This modern Italian armchair has a beautiful light grey finish the pleases your eyes. The strong interior of this chair makes it more beautiful outside. Not only does it look good but its practical. 

The top padding is a smooth fabric lining that goes all across the entire chair. With this padding installed, you’ll always feel pleased inside this contemporary Italian classic armchair. With all of this combined, Felicity’s top material all sit on a beautiful black metallic finish. This base is very sturdy and will last you for many years to come. This modern Italian armchair is very tough and durable. This is so that Felicity can withstand many scratches, damages, or even tears! With comfortable styling and nice finishes, you can never go wrong with Felicity. You will enjoy many conversations with guests on this cozy chair.