Looking for a wavy, luxurious, and modern Italian table? Well, Gaya is definitely for you. It’s easy shape and beautiful look will surely bring in some eye-catching customers. Its design was made equally to match all of our customer’s needs. The base design allows for many eye-catching moments. When buying Gaya, it’s oceanic type base will spark up many conversations. The modern Italian table comes in a beautiful round shape to fit, platform and could have up to 8 people. Gayas easy shape and unique design allows for many people to join in with enough space for everybody.

Not only does the base come in three luxurious flat finishes, but it also compliments all of the tops colors. The base of Gaya was also designed to give the room a complex effect that would both brighten the room and give it a welcoming feel. Looking for something small, luxurious, and easy to move? Then this modern Italian table Gaya is perfect for you! Gaya’s unique design can fit with any chair to look nice. It goes with any style and personality.

Gaya Modern Italian Table Specifications

In order to get a better understanding of this modern Italian table, it’s important to know what it offers. Gaya’s top material includes Transparent Glass, Extra-Clear Transparent Glass, Transparent Fumé Glass, and Grey Laminated Glass. To complement the table tops, the base comes in a White finish. Gaya can not only fit onto any platform/floor you put it on, but it can also fit up to 6 people! Even with a small base it is big on style.

Wish Gaya could get bigger? Well, it can! Check out Big Gaya which comes in all of the colors listed above (Both base and top colors). Not only does big Gaya come in a circular platform, but also rectangular to your choosing. Either table you go with, this modern Italian table will last you many years to come. Gaya also comes in a clear coating protection to prevent easy scratches and cracks.