This table is the most beautiful and luxurious modern Italian table at your fingertips. We bring you Gully. Gully is a beautiful contemporary Italian table that takes on a different twist. Gully uses both glass and wood to illuminate the rooms true colors. Take a look at Gully’s glass. You can see just how strong modern Italian table design can be. All four sides are equipped with base legs. The table has the effect of illusion. The glass legs blend anywhere and will make the table look like its floating These base legs are all glass to get you that 100% modern Italian table look. Gully has a beautiful top finish. The whole family can enjoy a nice dinner while relaxing.

This modern Italian table classics  comes in a wood finish. While this table has sturdy wood, it also looks great. This is so that all of our customers get the most contemporary Italian look. Gully is  combined with beauty and function at its finest. The shape of this table is very simple and easy to adjust. The rectangular shape is a contemporary Italian table classic and never goes out of style. All together, Gully brings modern Italian table design to the next level of luxury. Not only will your table look good, but it will do its job properly. 

Gully Modern Italian dining table specifications

Gully’s specifications are quite simple and special. Looking at its top, we can see that Gully comes in a complete wood finish. The color of this modern Italian table wood is a sweet dark wood brown. This color is designed on most of our tables and comes with that classical contemporary Italian table look. Gully’s a real wood Italian table, so you know you’re buying reliable furniture. Furthermore, this table is worth being in your house. Altogether the materials combine to create the perfect modern Italian table. This table will make you feel at home. 

The top does not scratch, damage, or chip easily so you’ll be enjoying this table for a very long time. This modern Italian table comes in a clear top coating which can prevent any sort of damage. Not only is the top a beautiful contemporary Italian table classic, but the base legs as well. The base legs come in a special glass finish. In this case, we made it special to give you that classic modern Italian table look. Anyone can relax while this table does its job. Going with Gully, you’ll never go out of style.