We know that you want that classic modern Italian table look. Well Hugo’s got you covered. This table has a 100% real wood Italian table look, Hugo is definitely that table for you. Hugo has a nice design and that classic contemporary look. Looking at it’s base legs, Hugo only has two. Although Hugo has two legs, it’s legs are sturdy and well built. These legs are wide and resemble dominance in a luxurious way. The legs are stable for your safety. This modern Italian table classic also brings home that luxurious wood top finish. Whether reading a book or having breakfast you will feel wonderful.

Exploring deeper into the table, these wood finishes are 100% real wood Italian tables. This is so that our customers know what they are reliable and good looking. Even with its wide body, it is still well balanced. If you have children, this table is the safest because of its stability. Its thick wood dark brown top will never break under pressure. Hugo can fit onto any platform you put it on. This modern Italian tables metal legs are sturdy, built, and don’t move out of place. This  modern Italian table can fit many people as well! Hugo can fit up to twelve people, you will never go out of style with Hugo. 

Hugo Modern Italian dining table specifications

Researching Hugo? We have all the information for you! Hugo is extremely sturdy, and you can clearly see that when looking at its legs. Hugo’s matte dark grey legs come in a luxurious finish and are meant to withstand any weight. This contemporary Italian classic is an unforgettable piece and definitely reliable. When you look at Hugo’s top, we can see that it also comes with modern Italian table design looks. Not only will this table do its job, but it will look good doing do. Going with that classic look? 

Well we got it. We bring you that dark chocolate brown wood color. So it will definitely brighten up the room. Mixing both the sturdy bottom and the luxurious top, Hugo is definitely the table to go to. It’s a classic, it’s modern Italian table design, and it’s reliable! Not only is it luxurious, but it also comes with a scratch resistant surface. This is so that Hugo will not damage, scratch, or crumble easily! You will have friends that will be jealous of your new Hugo table. They will go to your house without asking just to see your table. Your friends will always eat at your table. Even grandma will cook only because food will be on this table.