Hummer is one of our highly sought after modern Italian sectional sofas. Crafted to fit into any home, this model is both stylish and modern. Handmade in Italy and designed by Kermes Divani, Hummer effortlessly walks the line of modern esthetics and unbelievable comfort. The high quality leather on this modern Italian sectional sofa is enough to make you dream about it while at work. Hummer’s cushions provide an ideal level of firmness, while the sturdy steel feet provide the perfect height from the floor. The sofa’s design balances comfort and elegance of Italian furniture. Kermes Divani decided to put you in charge and allow you to select your quintessential sofa through the numerous styles and dimensions available. In addition, you may also select the fitting color for your modern Italian sectional sofa. Kermes Divani has over 300 color variations available for you to choose from.