Looking for a 100% real wood Italian table? Well look no further because we bring you Jack. Jack is a contemporary Italian classic that takes on the future of Italian furniture. With a mix of both the modern and future world of modern Italian furniture, it’s easy to see just how well it works. Looking at that more modern side, we can see that it’s a 100% real wood Italian table. Its rectangular shape and beautiful wood top give off that natural cozy feeling of a contemporary Italian table. The design of this table brings you the best vibe of Italy into your dining room. It is like a fresh breeze from the Italian sea.

When looking at future design, you can easily see it in the base legs. The modern Italian table base legs come in a beautiful 4 piece connection. This gives the allusion as if one leg is holding it only by a single point. In actuality, the allusion doesn’t add up to just how reliable this table really is. The table is all a round well balanced and can fit many people! Fitting almost up to ten people, Jack is definitely the table to go with. Two eras, old and new of Italian furniture design dancing together. Finally, they combine to give you this table.

Jack Modern Italian dining table specifications

Don’t even worry about Jack’s features and specifications, because we will cover it for you! This contemporary Italian classic comes in a nice top color. This color is a classic and comes in a sweet chocolate brown finish. It is coated with a clear top scratch resistant finish so that when future damages come, you can easily fix them. To match up with this contemporary Italian table classic, we also bring you the stylish bottom legs. It looks so good, you will never want to take your eyes off of it. 

These base legs are finished with a matte dark grey color. All these colors combine blend perfectly together. These colors both brighten up the room and give off that 100% natural Italian design furniture. This is so that it brings you that contemporary Italian table look and resilience and reliability all in one. Jack is definitely that modern Italian table design and 100% real wood as well! Jack offers all of these features and will definitely be that eye-catching furniture in you dining area!