Lounge is a dazzling modern Italian sectional sofa. Its design, by Estro Milano, oozes with luxury and style. Handmade in Italy, this modern Italian sectional sofa promotes esthetics, while its soft, rich leather invites you to feel what it is like to have no worries in the world. Lounge’s leather is so soft that it will have you forgetting about your errands for the day. The sofa comes with adjustable head rests to give you an extra reason to enjoy its cozy seats. You may choose to select the model with an optional power recliner to further fall in love with your modern Italian sectional sofa. Lounge comes in a number of configurations to compliment your home’s dimensions. Furthermore, its wide variety of colors allow you to customize the sofa to seamlessly slip into your home’s current decor.

Lounge – Modern Italian Sectional Sofa

Lounge is likely to become one of your favorite pastimes. Its level of comfort will have you forgetting what day of the week it is, while its customizations are guaranteed to make this sofa an ideal fit for your needs. Estro Milano has provided you with options. Options that will allow you to dictate the firmness of your modern Italian sectional sofa’s foam, for example. When you place an order for Lounge, you are presented with three options for its foam’s firmness. Options include regular, firm, or extra firm. In addition, you may choose to further increase your modern Italian sectional sofa’s longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small customization to Lounge’s structure is sure to increase the sofa’s durability, as well as extend its life.

Lounge is comfortable, modern, and luxurious. Its optional power recliner will have you abandoning your bed and choosing to snooze in the sofa instead. The sofa is also highly adjustable to fit your home and compliment your desires. Lounge has the potential to become your favorite piece of furniture in your home. Don’t miss your chance to fall in love with it. Contact us today for more information on Lounge or visit our showroom to view more of our modern Italian sectional sofa models.