Perfecting everything you need from design and reliability, we bring you Male’. This bed frame is everything you need and everything you want right at your service. Coming in a beautiful color, this classic contemporary Italian bed frame fits everybody’s most basic needs. This means that this bed frame can blend perfectly with your surrounding furniture. Not only is this modern Italian bed frame sturdy, but it looks good while doing its job!

The base of this bed is also very sturdy. This bed frame has a beautiful pattern laid out on the top frame. This reminds our customers of the rich feel of Italy’s fashion. It’s all well balanced and beautifully crafted to fit your liking. The legs of this bed frame also have a variety of different choices. All of the materials are also very unique. They come in a nice top color finish and are made special not to break easily under pressure. We gave it the name Male’ because of its special artistic look. This modern Italian bed frame is definitely an unforgettable place and worth giving a try! 

Male’ Modern Italian Bedroom Frame

In order to better understand Male’, It’s important to know what it offers. To start off, this contemporary Italian bed frame comes in a special color. The color we chose is a dark oceanic blue mix with a multi material style base legs. The legs come in two different styles of a metallic coat finish and a black steel finish. The top cushion is then has a clean lining to give out the nice modern Italian bedroom feel. 

All of these materials combined give you a classic one hundred percent real wood Italian bedroom feel. There are also cushions surrounding around the bed. These top cushions are special and help your everyday life. You’ll be putting on your shoes or just simply resting your feet. With all of this combined, we give you the best possible features hidden anywhere possible. It’s also best to note that this bed frame is a beautiful finish to your bedroom and worth it!