MALIKA by Egoitaliano

Malika is a luxury Italian sofa which is beautifully designed by Ego Italiano. It is fabulously crafted to add elegance and luxury into your home. Malika comes standard with a manually adjustable headrest to give you a pleasant feeling of comfort after a long day. This luxury Italian sofa is available to order with contrast stitching and two tone trimming. Its upholstery is available in six grades of high-quality leather. Furthermore, you may select your sofa in one of the 350 available color variations. Thus, making sure that your sofa will compliment any type of decor in your home. Malika comes in a number of various sizes and configurations. Each option for your luxury Italian sofa, crafted 100% in Italy, is created to make sure that your sofa suits your needs and desires. The beautiful design combined with the options to optimize your sofa for yourself will keep you satisfied for years to come. Furthermore, our craftsmen take pride in their work. Therefore, each luxury Italian sofa is built with longevity and stability in mind. Malika is crafted with a wooden frame structure and its by-products to help it reenforce the sofa’s durability. In addition, it’s metal legs, which are available in a number of various colors, do not simply highlight the sofa’s elegance, but they also serve an important purpose of stabilizing the sofa. Lastly, for extra comfort, you are given the option to further customize this high-end luxury Italian sofa by selecting the density level of its high resilience foam. You may select from one of the following density levels – regular, firm, or extra firm. You may also request to add a no sag pocket springs construction to the seat cushions. This form of construction will give the sofa additional comfort, as well as longevity for its core foam. This luxury Italian sofa is an exceptional piece of furniture that will compliment any home with any type of decor. Contact us today to discuss the available options for this luxury Italian sofa.