MARTINE by Egoitaliano

Martine is a modern Italian couch designed by Enzo Melasi design director at Ego Italiano. It is made in Italy. Martine comes available in six grades of high-quality leather upholstery and may also be ordered with a reclining ability, and a manually adjustable headrest. To help your modern Italian couch better fit into your home decor, Martine is made available in over 350 color variations. Additionally, this modern Italian couch comes in a number of different sizes and dimensions. For example, you may order Martine as a two seater couch, a couch with an optional recliner and headrest, a L shape couch, or an armchair. All such customizations will help make sure that Martine will compliment your decor and fit into your home. This luxury piece of furniture is a beautiful addition for any home.