Mia is an elegant high end Italian leather sofa. It is handmade from the finest fabrics and materials. Its leather glides on the surface with endless grace. Its softness calls you to sit on it and put all of your worries aside. Mia’s cushions exude the highest quality of Italy’s finest craftsmanship. They are relaxing and welcoming. Once you have a chance to sit on them you will wonder how you have ever lived without such luxurious pleasures. The adjustable headrest on Mia begs for you to take a moment to yourself and ignore the phone, the noise, and the world itself. Just rest your head and relax your mind. To the touch, Mia excites and invites to escape the rustle and bustle of the world. Its impeccable design, by Estro Milano, makes Mia esthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional.

Mia – High End Italian Leather Sofa

Mia is not a one size fits all high end Italian leather sofa. In fact, Estro Milano gave you the power to adjust your sofa to fit your desires. From your ability to choose the sofa’s colors to its dimensions to even its foam’s firmness, you have the capability to turn this into your dream sofa. Mia’s headrest is not the only configuration that may be adjusted. You can select from a number of dimensions and colors to make certain that Mia seamlessly fits into your home and its decor. Additionally, when placing your order, you will be presented with three options for the sofa’s foam’s firmness. Options include regular, firm, or extra firm. Not to mention, you may choose to further increase Mia’s longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small customization to Mia’s structure will help increase the sofa’s durability, as well as extend its life.

Mia is elegant and a perfect example of Italian craftsmanship. There is a reason why Mia is one of the most popular high end Italian leather sofas in our store. Don’t miss your chance to take Mia home. Contact us today for more information on Mia or visit our showroom to view more of our high end Italian leather sofa models.