Unforgettable, cozy, and reliable, Mikado is a contemporary classic. Mikado brings that sunset vibe to your dining room while still keeping that classic contemporary Italian table design. Coming in many different types of choices, Mikado is definitely the right table to go with. This modern Italian table shape is a classic. Coming in a rectangular long wooden board, this table was meant to represent size in a wonderful way. Mikado is quite large, but can fit onto any platform/floor you put it on. The nice thin metal base legs and special tops make the table beautiful.

We know that family is important. So Mikado can fit almost up to 10 people. Even with that much space, every inch of this table is a 100% real wood Italian table. Although the base legs look a little thin, they’re made with strong a tough materials. With spider web-like support flowing through the base legs, it easily shows how powerful these legs can actually be. It is delicate, special, and reliable, and definitely a contemporary Italian table classic to go with. The design of this table brings you the best vibe of Italy into your dining room. It is like a fresh breeze from the Italian sea. 

Mikado Modern Italian dining table specifications

Mikado has a lot of different styles and features, so it’s important that you know which one to get! Coming in both a midnight brown and a snowy grey, these choices will surely surprise you. When looking at the midnight brown version, it special that you know what contemporary Italian tables really look like. The top comes in a chocolate light brown wood color. Not to mention, but all wood tops are 100% real wood Italian. 

The base legs come in a bright metal light finish. All materials are 100% reliable and will definitely last you many years to come. When looking at the snowy grey feature, it also has its fair share of amazing features. This modern Italian table top comes in a grey marble finish all around. The base legs are a more darker grey metal like color. Any of these options you go with, you still get that contemporary Italian table shape (rectangle). Also, each of these Italian table tops come in a clear coating which prevents scratches, damages, or even chips!