Mirage is not a typical Italian leather sofa. This modern Italian furniture piece is unique in style and comfort. Mirage is designed to perfectly cradle your body. Letting you feel as though you are sitting on a cloud with no worries in the world. Its reclining option only propels this feeling further as you descend deeper into its tranquil soft leather and find yourself in perfect harmony with your environment. Given its unique design, Mirage does not come with an armrest. Instead it has a divider that allows you to set small objects on top. This is quite different from other sofas. Thus, giving another unique element to this modern Italian furniture’s design. Additionally, Mirage may be ordered in pieces to provide you with an opportunity to mismatch the colors of the entire set. This option helps when picking out furniture to seamlessly fit into a home’s current decor.

Mirage – Modern Italian Furniture

Mirage is unparalleled in its design and offering. Handmade in Italy, this piece of modern Italian furniture brings a fresh look and feel to an old industry. The people responsible for Mirage wanted to capture your attention with its style and then win your heart with its comfort. The feeling of sitting on a cloud is not an accident. Hundreds of hours went into crafting the best experience for you. However, the designers understand that each person has slightly different needs and perceives comfort in his or her own way. Therefore, Mirage has options to help you further customize this magnificent modern Italian furniture. You are given full reigns over Mirage’s firmness. Upon placing your order you can adjust the firmness to range from regular to firm and all the way up to extra firm. In addition, you can request that your piece of modern Italian furniture comes with the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. This will help improve Mirage’s durability.

Mirage is unique. It is like no other sofa on the market. Owning it will make you stand out amongst all of your friends. Don’t miss your chance to take Mirage home. Contact us today for more information on Mirage or visit our showroom to view more models from our modern Italian furniture collection.