MUSETTA by Egoitaliano

Looking for a comfortable/strong modern Italian armchair? Well, Altea is a perfect fit. It’s popular eye-catching design will definitely show how well modern Italian chairs can last. Its clean design and cozy feel provide the consumer with the best Italian look. You can easily adjust it. This fits the customers best and most relaxing needs. Your friends and family will come to your house just to sit on this beautiful Italian armchair. Without a doubt, with Altea, the parties in your house will be unforgettable. While you relax in this chair, you will feel embraced by Italian design. It’s an eye-catching piece of art. It will take you back to its roots. Finally, It’s a story of Italy!

Italian top covers provide the most relaxing and comfortable feel. That’s why it has it! Not only is this armchair easily adjustable, but it also carries the well known feel of any handmade Italian product. Sitting on an all across beautiful Italian designed base plate, this armchair definitely represents resilience in a special way. Altea’s leather padding comes in 2 different colors and represents flexibility, resilience, and brightness to most of the audience entering the room. Need something sturdy, European, reliable, and eye-catching? Well this Italian armchair is definitely for you. This Italian piece can blend into anything. This means that it can fit in with all of your furniture. It will look good in any room in the house! No matter where you put this chair, it will always look good. Therefore, It’s love and passion that comes straight from Italy.

Altea’s Specifications

In order to understand this modern Italian armchair a little more, it’s important to understand its specifications. This pretty Italian design armchair comes in a smooth leather, microfiber or fabric top. This in order to suit the customers most basic padding needs! It comes in 2 colors. The nice snowy white and soft green colors bring the warm feeling of the Italian sun. Either color you go with, the traditional modern Italian look will never disappear. Altea’s padding is also proven to provide the most cozy and relaxing feeling. The designers work on this chair is one of a kind. The Italian culture lives within this chair. So you know it’s all here. Your friends and family will ask you about your chair. They will fight with each other to sit on this classic.

It also sits on a Hard wood combined with plywood and particle board covered with a dacron layer. Therefore, with strong modern Italian craftsmanship, this armchairs “classic” look will never go away! Please visit our showroom or contact us for more information! It is comfortable, reliable, and a modern Italian armchair that’s definitely worth looking at. So the smart choice is to include this art piece in your house. Above all, Altea is a piece of art from Italy.