NARCISA by Egoitaliano

Narcisa is an exquisite display of Italian craftsmanship. Handmade in Italy, Narcisa is both grandiose and stylish. Its plush design, by Ego Italiano, highlights all of its best qualities. High quality leather. Inviting cushions. And a stylish structure. This Italian sectional sofa is crafted to combine comfort and style into one posh piece of furniture. Narcisa comes with adjustable headrests and soft padding armrests. Both made to slide up manually to capture the ideal position for your body to experience the best comfort. Narcisa’s design does not feature useless functions or features that are added simply for the look. Each part of the sofa is made with a definite purpose. In addition, you are provided with options of what your Italian sectional sofa will look like upon delivery. Narcisa comes in a few dimensions and model variations for you to choose from.