NORA by Egoitaliano

Nora is a modern Italian classic and you’ll have yourself never wanting to get off of it! It is the new way of looking at reliable, comfortable, and luxurious armchairs. Nora is a modern Italian armchair classic and will never go out of style. This contemporary classic represents true luxury at its finest. Not only is Nora pleasant to the eye, but it has many unique and interesting features. The guests will fight each other to sit on this pretty chair. It’s a very good addition to any room. Not only is it practical, but it looks good. You cannot miss this chair in a room, your eye will catch it. So buying it will be an obvious choice. This is a chair for an enjoyable life.

This modern Italian armchair is doing the job neatly and comfortably. Nora contains different options that range from reclining the back or the front. Nora has large cushions and comfortable padding. We provide this instantly so that many of our customers from different shapes or sizes can fit on this armchair! Nora’s tall design allows many people of all heights can enjoy this beautiful modern Italian classic armchair. Nora is a real 100% Italian armchair that is designed and produced in Italy! While you relax in this chair, you will feel embraced by Italian design. Your friends and family will ask you about your chair. It’s not only a beautiful piece from Italy, but it’s also useful and reliable. 

Nora modern Italian armchair Specifications

If you look at this contemporary Italian armchairs features, it is safe to say that it really offers a lot. So If you first look at its interior, Nora has a special type of wood. It’s made this way so that it can withstand a lot of pressure and be enjoyed comfortably! Not only that, but Nora contains a soft fabric like padding on top. This fabric is very easy to clean and enjoyably reliable. This contemporary Italian armchair padding comes with a beautiful creamy white color. It’s love and passion that comes straight from Italy. No matter where you put this chair, you will always make an impression. Nora has modern Italian armchair technology! So while you enjoy the Italian design, you can relax using modern methods. 

Two electric independent motors sit inside the chair and control the movement of the backrest and front recliner. These buttons are located on the side of the beautifully designed modern Italian armchair. You can angle yourself any way you like. When you are in a bad mood, try sitting in the Nora. The gorgeous materials rest easily on a hard metallic shiny base. This sturdy base is made to hold a lot of weight and is well balanced. Nora is a piece of art from Italy. Nora is comfortable, reliable, and a contemporary Italian armchair that’s definitely worth looking at. So the smart choice is to include Nora in your house.