Plano has an extremely sophisticated, yet simple design. It treads perfectly along the lines of elegant, yet functional. Grandiose, yet humble. Sophisticated, yet simple. Every part of Plano has a purpose. Estro Milano’s design does not permit useless nuances in its furniture. This Italian leather sofa is a gorgeous example of what precision and focus can create in the form of home furniture. Plano comes with an adjustable headrest, which adds a bit of pizzazz to its stoic structure. Handmade in Italy, Plano may be ordered with an optional power recliner. Helping you to put aside all of your troubles and stress of the day to enjoy the present moment. In a common Italian fashion, the leather on this beautiful sofa is smooth and relaxing. In fact, it too comes in a number of variations as well – featuring hundreds of colors to choose from.

Plano – Italian Leather Sofa

Plano is not a piece that demands a lot of attention. However, its classy design will surely attract many eyeballs on its practical qualities. From the lumber support to the adjustable headrests and all the way down to the optional power recliner, this Italian leather sofa is going to be a crowd favorite. Plano’s dimensions are adjustable upon order. You may get it as an armchair at just 35 inches or a full-size sofa at 84 inches. In addition, you may further customize your Italian leather sofa by selecting its foam’s firmness. When placing your order you’ll have the option of selecting the optimal firmness for Plano’s foam. You will be presented with three options: regular, firm, or extra firm. In addition, you may choose to further increase Plano’s longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. This minor adjustment will help increase Plano’s durability.

Plano is a simple, and yet sophisticated Italian sofa. It is perfectly understated, and yet it still calls for entire room’s attention. Don’t miss your chance to take Plano home. Contact us today for more information on Plano or visit our showroom to view more of our Italian leather sofa models.