Looking for an extraordinary and different modern Italian table? Well, Pois is definitely the right one. Uniquely designed by the best modern Italian craftsman. This modern Italian table will never go out of style. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this table would have to be it’s oddly shaped base. Perfectly fit and well balanced, this table will hold, secure, and keep everything on the table without ever shaking or losing balance. This modern Italian table can fit up to almost twelve people without leaving anyone behind!

This modern Italian table has smooth edges and a jungle-inspired look. This specific Italian table came from the “Jungle collection” because of how lively and culturally they wanted this Italian table to feel. With the luxurious colors Pois comes in, you know it will never go out of style. This modern Italian table was also made with real materials and was made to last many years to come. Because of its big base many family members or guests can fit at this table. Whether its for conversation in the living room or dinner at the dining table. Pois will always brighten up the room. 

Pois Modern Italian Table Specifications

The base is the main feature of this table. Pois does not have any legs as the base. Instead there is on big base in the middle. With beautiful star like shapes, this modern Italian table will fit anywhere. With a combination of beautiful Italian draftsmanship and amazing look this table does its job beautifully. Pois comes in a wonderful looking carbon grey that is sure to light up your home. The base compliments the wood top very nicely and is capable of suiting to whatever style you choose. This table is a real wood Italian table. Even with one base this table is a true 100% Italian dining table.

This is a modern Italian table for those who want a sturdy feel. Pois also comes in a perfect fit, which means that it’s modern size is suitable for anything. Pois is also coated with a traditional smooth table coating which means that the modern Italian table is both smooth/comfortable and sturdy. Whatever fashion choice you go with, this tables modern Italian design never fails to draw attention and make this one of the best modern Italian tables out there! If you want a sturdy modern Italian table. Then the Pois is the only right choice.