For something modern, unique, and out of the ordinary type people, we bring you the Reverse dining table. This is a contemporary Italian table classic and leaves you feeling that brand new modern type furniture. Not only that, but it also leaves many family members having more legroom than usual. The reverse feature is made specifically to fit many people in it at once. This modern table was made specifically to have many different features and styles. Not only will the new generation love this table, but your grandpa and grandma will adore it as well! The old generation will appreciate the new modern design of this table and will feel the new Italy in your home. Not only does it do its job, but it looks good doing it. While relaxing, eating, or just letting it sit there, this table will always suit your most basic needs.

The reverse table is made big, so it obviously carries the function of fitting many people. Looking more closely at its size? Well the reverse table can fit almost up to ten people! This modern Italian table classic is also very reliable and tough. Even with its beautiful build quality and function, this table still has a smooth touch to the fingertips. This modern Italian table might seem like it’s out of the ordinary. Although its unique style and comfortable build quality will surely show you just how good it is. The design of this table brings you the best vibe of Italy into your dining room. It is like a fresh breeze from the Italian sea. Those people that like Italian modern style will never get their hands off of this table. You will like the special vibe of this table.

Reverse Modern Italian dining table specifications

Again, this contemporary Italian table is in reverse, so it’s important to know what features it offers and what options it comes in! The modern Italian table has many different top colors to choose from. Top colors include, clear glass, dark glass, dark marble, and light brown marble. All of these different materials are 100% really Italian design and will last you for many years to come. All these colors combined blend perfectly together. Reverse dining table has a beautiful style to it. It’s different and special style is definitely one to enjoy. If you are looking for modern fresh design, then this table is for you. The combination of the metal bottom and glass top allow for the best possible look. 

Different base colors include, golden-like matte and dark grey-like matte. All of them blend perfectly with the tops to give you the best possible features and options. Although most of the tops are glass, we know that they’re resilient, tough, and not easy to crack. All of these different table top colors come in a clear scratch resistant coating. It prevents any easy scratches, damages, or even any scrapes! Reverse dining table offers all of these features and will definitely be that eye-catching furniture in you dining area!