here is beauty in simplicity and this modern Italian table lives up to that statement. Status combines modern Italian design and simple geometrical shapes. Status will smoothly fit in any room while leaving an impression when observed. The thin metal base will fit with any top. Also this modern Italian table always makes the room look bigger because of its thin stature. Status is very well balanced and can fit on any surface/platform you put it on. Its thin stature is its biggest benefit. Being so thin it makes your home seem more roomy and free.

The thin top, combined with the base creates this wonderful and eye-pleasing table. Not only looks beautiful, but it does its function well. The metal legs are perfectly designed to enhance that modern Italian look. This 100% Italian dining table leaves enough room for your legs to fully enjoy the functionality and beauty of Status. Whether you sit to relax or enjoy a fine meal this table will never clog up your space. Status will leave you thinking how is it possible to have this big table and have so much room. 

Status Modern Italian Table Specifications

The Status is a wonderfully simple, yet beautiful table and its specifications complement it. Status is a contemporary Italian table that comes in a unique wood brown. The Status takes pride in its wooden top that perfectly matches the metal base. Because of its modern Italian wood table look, it brightens the energy in any room. Status takes its origin to another level. Not only is it a 100% Italian dining table, but it is traditional at its prime. 

As a 100% Italian dining table, it will never fail to impress and do its job. The wooden finish has its own unique flare that can combine with any personality. The metal structure mixes well with the wood. You can choose Matt Gold as an option. The metal base is an eye-catching thin geometric design that complements the different wooden tops to create a modern Italian piece that will forever enhance your room. Status also comes in a clear coating protection to prevent easy scratches and cracks.