Stefanie is a beautiful Italian sofa. Its stylish design will surely compliment your home’s decor. Its fine leather is extremely soft to the touch. Meanwhile, its reclining mechanism helps take you to a place of complete relaxation after a long day of being productive. Part of the charm behind this magnificent Italian sofa is that its dimensions may be customized to better suit your needs. Stefanie is available in a number of formations that range from an armrest to a sectional sofa. Its covers come in leather or microfiber. Not to mention the fact that you may select the color of Stefanie’s covers from hundreds of available options. Stefanie is an example of a perfect blend of sophisticated ingenuity and style. Its mechanical headrest provides an additional touch of comfort that one can only dream about when selecting an Italian sofa.

Stefanie – Italian Sofa

As previously mentioned, the craftsmen put comfort at the forefront of Stefanie’s design. In fact, they went so far as to provide you with the ability to further customize your sofa by adjusting the density level of its foam. Upon placing your order, you will be given three options to select from – regular, firm, or extra firm. Not to mention, you may further increase your Italian sofa’s durability and longevity by requesting the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such a small, but crucial, feature will help reinforce Stefanie’s sturdy frame and grant it an extended top notch longevity.

Stefanie’s feet are available in a few styles. Depending on the model that you select, you will have the opportunity to pick your favorite style of feet. Again, Stefanie may be ordered in a number of various dimension to perfectly fit your home or office. Contact us today for more information on Stefanie or visit our showroom.