STILL by Tonin Casa


24h Delivery 98Lx47W GLASS TOP

The features and choices are amazing with the all new Still modern Italian dining table. Reliable, this contemporary Italian table classic is definitely one to go with. Still has many options you can go with. Each and everyone of them will still live up to that modern Italian table design. Made specifically for big families, this Italian table can fit many people! This modern Italian table can fit almost up to ten people! The design of this table brings you the best vibe of Italy into your dining room. It is like a fresh breeze from the Italian sea. Those people that like Italian modern style will never get their hands off of this table. You will like the special vibe of this table.

Not only that, but this table also comes in an extendable version which can fit twice as many people! When extended, still can fit almost up to 12 people! Either version you go with, Still always lives up to it’s Italian table roots. This modern Italian table is very tough. Even with its beautiful build quality and function, this table still has a smooth touch to the fingertips. Whether it be color, built, extended, or non-extendable, Still always has the contemporary Italian table design. Not only does it do its job, but it looks good doing it. While relaxing, eating, or just letting it sit there, this table will always suit your most basic needs. It combines the typical modern style and cozy feeling. 

Still Modern Italian dining table specifications

Still has many features and options, so it’s very important to know its specifications. When it comes to top colors for the non-extendable versions, it has two different options. You can go with the light chocolate brown marble, or the clear glass. Either choice you go with, they match perfectly with the non-extendable base color. The modern Italian table base color for the non-extendable version is dark brown. The non-extendable contemporary Italian classic also has two special body shapes. 

Shapes include a circular rectangle type and a rectangle (with smooth edges). The extendable version also has many options to go off of. For top colors, you can go with a white snowy marble, or a dark grey marble. All of these blend perfectly with the light brown base color for our expendables. The Italian table classic also has 2 rare shapes. Shapes include, circular rectangle and a rectangle with sharp edges. Any choice you go with, all of these contemporary Italian classics all come with a clear resistant scratch coating.