With a taste of modern Italian table design styled design and a hint of Japanese flare, we bring you Tokyo. Tokyo has an unforgettable look because of its handcrafted modern Italian design. This contemporary Italian table will never go out of style. This table originates from the beautiful city of Tokyo. This table captures its design and overall structure. Tokyo is smooth all around. You can never go wrong with this modern Italian table. This table was crafted and designed by the best Italian craftsman out there. This modern Italian table also paired up together with the city of Tokyo lets you take a look at both sides of design. The table can also be good for a family event or a private event.

This modern Italian table comes in fitting color. Tokyo was also designed to be well balanced and fit onto any floor/platform you put it on. You can choose from the extendable version and the modern Italian fixed version. Whatever choice you go with, these modern Italian tables come in a clear coat finish, which means Tokyo will never crack, break, or even scratch easy! With a combination of Italian design and Japanese style. You cannot go wrong. The modern Italian table gives off a Japanese sense of peace. While the Italian design makes it brighten up any room. Big or small family this table is built to suit both.

Tokyo Modern Italian Table Specifications

It’s important to know that all of these materials are pure and create that modern Italian table look. Tokyo has table tops which white marble. The extendable table tops come with an aluminum guide bar. Already have a size in mind? Then go for the non extendable version so that it can fit wherever you desire. Don’t know whether to go big or small? Then go for the extendable version so you can extend this 100% Italian dining table to your desire. The legs have a thin, but lengthy structure. This creates a good base that allows it to fit on any surface. Modern Italian tables have good looks and get the job done. This table is no different. Fans of Japanese culture and Italian design will like this table.

All of our modern Italian tables are unique and surprising. The legs of all these modern Italian tables are made out of cultured marble, which of course is from the Italian architectural way. This modern Italian table comes in different sizes as well (one of them being extendable). Whatever choice you go with, Tokyo will never go out of style. Being 100% Italian dining table with a hint of Japanese inspiration is what makes this table so great. If you are looking for the Japanese feel and Italian design. Then this table will suit your every demand.