Urby is beautiful and elegant and everything else luxurious you expect from a modern Italian table. From its top to its base, this modern Italian table brightens up the room. With its marble appearance, Urby sets out to bring that traditional Italian look. Culturally and luxuriously, you can connect to the modern Italian design easily. Urby can stand/sit on any platform/floor you put it on. This modern Italian table is crafted by the best Italian craftsmen and designed by the best Italian designers. Urby comes in an edgy look and also brings out the best in the room. It blends in easily and will always bring on eye-catching views.

This modern Italian table also comes with strong/tough materials. Happily, this table can last you many years to come without bringing home a scratch or even a crack! Urby has that classical marble feel and will always fit as many as up to 8 family members! Resilient, luxurious, and modern Italian design, Urby definitely brings out the new in your dining area. It has a thin stature that allows it to fit into any style. Since it is thin your room will always feel free. It will never clog up anything. It will only look great and do its job. Whether you are in a meeting or having dinner. This table will suit any need. Because that is the promise of a 100% Italian dining table.

Urby Modern Italian Table Specifications

When looking at the specifications, it’s important to know what Urby offers. Urby’s base legs come in a luxurious grey finish. This compliments the top uniquely. Coming in a black or brown luxurious marble top finish, this modern Italian table will complement the dining room quite nicely. It has a thin, but firm structure. Because of this firm structure it is well balanced. Its balance allows it to fit on wood, carpet, or marble floors. Any style you want, this table will deliver. 

This modern Italian table also comes in a smooth like coating. This coating prevents scratches or any other damages. This modern Italian table is definitely one getting the most attention in the dining area! If you are looking for a contemporary Italian table. Then this table is the way to go. Its modern look and feel go with any style. Because of its modern Italian design it can be in any room and fit in with everything. If you have a meeting room that is tense, then this table will ease that tension. Truly a real Italian dining table.