Verso is an Italian handmade leather sofa. Its design, developed by Estro Milano, is elegant and stylish. This Italian leather sofa begs to be caressed. Its fine grain leather feels smooth to the touch and relaxing during lounging. The sofa’s cushions and headrest hug you. The adjustable headrest is like a bedroom pillow for you to enjoy and relax upon. Verso comes with an optional power recliner, which is made to give you the type of rest that will have you canceling your evening plans just so that you can enjoy its comfort. The leather covers of this elegant sofa come in over one hundred different colors. Meanwhile, its dimensions range from 46 inches to 87 inches. Verso is extremely customizable. Thus, giving you the ability to dictate the level of comfort and style of your Italian leather sofa.

Verso – Italian Leather Sofa

The craftsmen took their time building Verso. This Italian leather sofa is very durable. Longevity was at the top of the list when designing Verso. Every piece of the sofa is put in place where it will prolong its life. Additionally, the designer put options in place for you to further customize your sofa to perfectly compliment your needs and desires. Not only can you select the color of the covers and the optional power recliner, but you can also influence the sofa’s firmness. When ordering your sofa you are provided with the option of selecting the firmness of the sofa’s cushions. Such an option allows you to dictate how comfortable you will make your model of Verso. You are given three options – regular, firm, and extra firm. Your selection will help match you with your ideal sofa. Additionally, you may increase Verso’s durability further by requesting that its come with the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. This minor adjustment will prolong Verso’s longevity and durability.

Verso is elegant and stylish. The leather is soft and alluring. It is a beautiful Italian leather sofa that can be yours today! Don’t miss your chance to take Verso home. Contact us today for more information on Verso or visit our showroom to view more of our Italian leather sofa models.