Virginia is everything you want from a special contemporary Italian armchair. This armchair offers many different cool features and quirks that are worth looking at. This armchair is a contemporary Italian armchair classic and will never go out of style. You can easily sit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. Not only is it relaxing to the eye, but it has many interesting features. It’s a very good addition to any room. Not only is it practical, but it looks relaxing and special. It’s ideal for placement in a bedroom room, dining room, or even restroom! So buying it will be an obvious choice. This is a chair for a relaxing life.

Virginia contains different options that range from reclining the back or the front. This modern Italian armchair is doing the job neatly and nicely. It has nice cushions and good padding. We provide this instantly so that many of our customers from different shapes or sizes can fit on this armchair! This armchair is a real 100% Italian armchair that is designed and produced in Italy! It offers that Italian armchair feel that fits your body and features. It’s so relaxing that your friends and family will ask you about your chair. While you relax in this chair, you will embrace by Italian design.

Virginia Modern Italian Armchair

Big, bold, and reliable, Virginia has many different quirks. This modern Italian armchair also comes in a stunning dark brown color. This reminds our customers the feeling of the relaxing night of Italy afternoon. This armchair’s materials are made special to withstand any damages, rips, or even spills! Not only is it beautiful, but it also offers many cool contemporary Italian armchair features. It has a dual function foot extension and reclining back. The foot extension has a heavy metal material. This is so you know it won’t break easily. This will surely help you to unwind and destress.

Heavy-Duty steel, reinforced backrest, and frame offers a solid relaxing stable armchair. This means that this modern Italian armchair can withstand a lot of weight! Comfort and reliability are the most beautiful feature in this modern Italian armchair. All of these materials rest easily on a sturdy base. This base is reliable and strong. The base is made special to do its job while looking good. This means that this armchair is durable and easy to clean! You cannot miss this chair in a room, your eye will catch it. So buying it will be an obvious choice.