Yvette is a beautifully crafted modern Italian couch. Its elegant design was inspired by Ego Italiano. Yvette is a very practical and sharp couch. Its seat cushions, armrests, lumbar supports, backrests and headrests are all constructed with polyurethane foam which offers varying levels of density. Each of these parts is also covered by a Dacron layer. This modern Italian couch may be ordered in one of over 350 different color variations. Meanwhile, Yvette’s covers come in either high quality leather or beautiful microfiber, depending on the option chosen. However, neither option permits for the covers to be removed.

Yvette – Modern Italian Couch Specifications

Yvette’s comfort level may be further customized through the available options for its density level. When ordering your modern Italian couch you are provided with three options of high density foam to choose from. The options include regular, firm, or extra firm. Furthermore, you can add to the couch’s durability and longevity by requesting the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. Such an addition will only help reinforce Yvette’s sturdy frame which is composed of hardwood combined with plywood and particle board.

Yvette is also available in a relaxed version that includes a mechanism to power the couch’s headrest and footrest movements. The controls for the mechanism are placed on the side of the seats. Moreover, elements that include the relaxed mechanism are always delivered separately and connected to the fixed parts by specially made tool. Fixed versions are always equipped with a mechanical headrests mechanism. Yvette’s feet are 12 centimeters in height and are available in a number of colors. The many options and variations of this model make Yvette an idle modern Italian couch to be introduced into your home’s decor. Contact us today for more information on Yvette or visit our showroom.