About Us – 100% Made in ITALY (NOT CHITALY)

Fabio & Co. ITALIA originated from a shared passion for high-end luxury Italian leather sofas, sectionals, chairs, dining tables, bedrooms.

Although Fabio & Co. was established in 2012, the owners have extensive experience in the leather industry and custom interior design dating back to their childhood. Fabio’s interest in leather stemmed from his father family-owned tannery, the business opened in 1969 in their hometown Arzignano, Italy. Arzignano from 1950 is best-known globally by fine leather connoisseurs for producing the world’s finest authentic leather products and is consider the Leather hides production Capital of the world with over 200 Tanneries with an amazing Yearly turnover of over 4.5B Euro.

From 1988 Fabio developed a fascination for the transformation of cow skins into beautiful upholstery hides, he traveled the world to search for the best raw hides to bring back to Italy, with the intent to produce the most luxurious leathers for living room interiors, handbags, and shoes. In 1999, Fabio came to the United States to introduce himself to American manufacturing companies as a representative of several Italian tanneries, as a result, he was quickly recognized by American manufacturers as being a well-respected, knowledgeable leader in the fine leather industry and particularly, as a high-end supplier to interior designers and Leather Furniture factories.

Since 2012 we are proud to present our genuine Italian leather furniture collections to the North Jersey, New York Metropolitan area, and Los Angeles Metropolitan area where luxurious fine products can truly be appreciated. Since a Leather Sofa, Sectional can be the greatest expression of one personality and elegance within your home, we take pride in our Italian manufactured sofas, which are made with the finest leather pelts from Arzignano, Italy and like we advertise everywhere we are ONLY 100% Made in ITALY (NOT CHITALY) and we do Business with very respectable companies in a complete transparent way.

We have something other companies don’t. We offer only Top or Full Grain Leather all around, our company don’t believe in cheap or fake upholstery material like Leatherette, Bonded Leather, Blended materials, Splits or any kind of PVC, we at Fabio & Co. ITALIA can make your dream sofa, sectional, chair a reality.

All our Upholstery are 100% Made in Italy from the Sofa Triangle Region between the cities of Altamura – Santeramo In Colle – Matera where from more than 50 years all the biggest name in the industry are coming from. People want sofas that will provide them with comfort, style and Design.

We will personally take the time to fully explain any questions you may have regarding the purchase of any item in our store as well as stand behind the quality and value of what you are purchasing. All of our clients needs will be addressed individually, our state of the art showroom consists of a vast collection of gorgeous sofas, chairs, sectionals, recliners, ottomans, dining tables, leather bedrooms.

We showcase leather couches in ALL styles, shapes and colors beyond your imagination! We genuinely love what we do and proudly open our doors as well as our hearts to all of you, who are looking for the finer things in life!