Italian designers put a lot of hard work onto this piece. Bringing this design, the modern Italian armchair got its name, Carlotta. It is small and petite, but carries that modern Italian armchair design. Looking at it’s style, we can see that it’s simple styles lives up to its potential. With the colors it comes in and the design it has, Carlotta can fit and blend with anything! Whether you put it in the living room, or even in the bedroom, Carlotta will always live up to it’s style.

The modern Italian armchair design and beautiful look fit together very well. You can easily fall in love with it. Carlotta was designed to give you the most relaxing and beautiful Italian feel. When sitting on it, you ‘ll definitely experience that contemporary Italian armchair feeling. Drinking coffee, reading a book, or watching TV? Everything will be comfortable with this armchair classic. Go big or go home! It also comes in a giant three piece to fit everybody’s needs. 

Carlotta Italian Modern Armchair

Carlotta has many different features to offer. This is what it makes it so beautiful! Bringing you 2 nice soft modern Italian colors, you’ll always have options. Coming in a nice coffee brown, we introduce you the feeling of a warm cozy Italian feel. We also carry a beautiful macaroon cream white to bring home that contemporary Italian armchair design. Either choice you go with, these colors represent true passion from Italy! It also has a comfortable sitting which supports the back with a backrest.

The four base legs are also made specifically to withstand a lot of weight. Carlotta is modern Italian and reliable! With a sturdy wood frame and durable material, you know it’s high quality. It always does its job right while looking very good! You can also get Carlotta in a lovely three piece set. This for our family members that love that bigger style! Either choice you go with, it will always be a one hundred percent modern Italian armchair.